About Me

To evoke emotion.

That’s why I photograph.

There’s something magical about being behind the lens and knowing that more than a picture will be created.

I want the emotion to be palpable. I want to capture the connection. It’s about more than just freezing the moment in time. It’s about the sentiment that you feel every time you look at an image. It’s about how we live through a photograph. My goal is to capture your children through my lens, but through your eyes. I want you to remember these moments, these emotions, these details that will never be lost because you have a photograph.

And newborns are my special passion. Their perfection never fails to amaze me – those tiny details, so new and fresh that you just can’t help but fall in love…

I reside in Clinton, NJ with my husband, three boys and an energetic Labradoodle! I am a physical therapist by profession and have worked in the NICU and taken continuing education courses in this area of my field. I have also mentored with two of the leading newborn photographers in the industry and will prioritize the safety and comfort of your newborns and children. From the time you book your session to the completion of your order, you will receive personalized service in creating a memorable experience.

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of these moments in your life.


Tasos Baltas - “To evoke emotion. That’s why I photograph.”
Well you did, with that picture of a baby kind of resting its little head on a basketball. Everytime I see that picture I have to hold back the tears. Thank you!

Kind regards from London, England

PS: Are you Greek?

Dana Pomykala - Good Afternoon,

My former co-worker, Jenn Rusek, used you for her children’s shoots and the photos were stunning. My son is turning 1 in November and I was looking to have a shoot for him.


stefaniepolitiphotography@hotmail.com - Hi Dana! Thank you for the compliment on my work. Please feel free to email me at stefaniepolitiphotography@hotmail.com

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