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NJ Newborn Photographer ~Olivia~

You know it’s going to be a great session when not only are your new clients friends of several other clients but when the first thing the baby does is smile right in her carseat!
Miss Olivia was in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio for her newborn session a few months back and was just the sweetest thing. Perfect skin, sweet little sleepy faces, a full head of dark hair, and a smile in the last pose of the morning. I knew when I snapped it that it would immediately become a favorite…maybe it was because Mommy requested a pink and gray setup and Olivia knew a smile would just be the icing on the cake!
Jen and Garry, it was a pleasure spending time with you in the studio. Thank you to Sue, Lara and Michele for referring this beautiful new family of three! I have loved working with all of you and appreciate having you all as clients. Congratulations DiCosmo family!! Olivia is just perfect!


NJ Newborn Photographer ~Chloe~

Meet Chloe!

She was in my Clinton, NJ studio for her newborn session in September and I wanted to just put her in my pocket and keep her! She had near perfect skin, gave me some sweet smiles and looked just beautiful in all of the setups and colors I chose. She especially liked to be wrapped and snuggled up, as most newborns do. But I think she was especially fond of the big, stuffed, pink doggie that her daddy couldn’t pass up while shopping. See the smile?! There were so many adorable shots, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Congratulations to this new family of three. Chloe is so precious and I enjoyed having you all in my studio and photographing your new addition.

NJ Child Photographer ~Sam~

Bump to Baby to Birthday!

It seems like just yesterday that I photographed Jessica and Jeff’s maternity session and yet, Sam was in the studio already for first birthday portraits! It’s amazing just how much change happens in the first year. After portraits, it was on to some cake smashing. Mommy calls him “baby cakes” and that name certainly seemed fitting as he shoved in handfuls. A big mess at the end is always a good sign!

Jess & Jeff, I have really enjoyed working with you now on three different special occasions. It’s been so much fun to photograph your family from bump to birthday. Thank you for being such wonderful clients. And Happy Birthday, big guy! Although maybe we should sing the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song instead of the traditional tune {wink}.


NJ Newborn Photographer ~Sadie~

Welcome Sadie. You are loved. Your big sister and brother absolutely adore you. Sophia and Georgie were perfectly happy to hold you and fawn over you. It was really remarkable. It was so very easy to take these photographs because not one bit of it was contrived. The way children love is amazing and genuine.

I have been lucky enough to photograph Sophia and Georgie several times now. They have always been so cooperative, well-mannered and sweet. This time was no exception. It doesn’t hurt that they are all so photogenic either!

Sadie was a sweetheart for her newborn session. Mom requested soft peachy pinks and creams and I just loved how the gallery turned out. I can now add too, since I’m blogging this after the holidays, that I adored their Christmas card this year! It was one of my favorites! <3


Noelle - Love love love Stefanie! Most talented photographer in Hunterdon!

NJ Newborn Photographer ~Harrison~

Meet Harrison!
He shares a name with my youngest so of course, I had a little soft spot for him before I even met him. It was a long while ago that mom told me she loved that name and was keeping it in mind if she had a second son.
I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Harrison’s family before when photographing big brother, Graham (my middle son’s middle name!). Graham was in the studio too to take some pictures with his new little brother and he really impressed me with how well he listened, handled the baby, and cooperated.
Mom bought Harrison this little fox lovey and wants to use it for growth/montly photos. Such a sweet idea. The fox looks so big right now with Harrison only weighing in at maybe a bit over six pounds but will soon, look small in comparison, as babies grow the most in the first year. And I can’t get over how sweet the photo is of him wide awake wrapped in the deep blue wrap that’s the same color as his eyes! Love!
Congratulations to this new family of four. Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your newest blessing. He is adorable!