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There’s really no better compliment than when a current client refers a friend, or in this case, gives their friend a gift certificate for a newborn session. I love that moms are adding this to their baby shower wishlists and I especially love that the gift givers are so excited to give such a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

I was so happy to meet Jameson. Mom and dad both came to the session and I got to steal a glance of the complete adoration as they watched me work with their precious baby boy. And I’m glad I pulled a lot of blue for the session! It’s what mom wanted! Congratulations Meredith and Craig! Jameson is perfect!

Michael is One

I promise to be better at blogging. I promise to be better at blogging. This is my current business mantra. After all, as a client, isn’t it fun to read about YOUR session? But, I had to start somewhere. I have been at this for a little while now and my portfolio is only getting bigger. So…..I decided to start blogging dating back to the launch of the website which was February 19th of this year. If your session was after that date, you will see a blog post! If your session was before that date, well…you just have to book another session so I can blog about it! LOL!

Michael is the son of one of my oldest college friends. We were paired together at orientation and have maintained our friendship through distance, health issues, marriage and children. We didn’t have the luxury of talking every day or even every week, but you know you’re good friends when you can pick up where you left off and not even bat an eye. I love that I got to shoot Michaels’ newborn session and that I also got to document his first year photos. He is a sweet, happy little guy that is busy like all one year olds. My favorite part of the session (besides seeing how much bigger he was in the basket we used in his newborn shoot) was seeing him tip the cake plate and thoroughly enjoy his cake (mom and dad ASSURED me that he would have NO problem devouring it).

Here are a few of my favorites. Nancy, Peter & Michael- love you guys!


Jenny R. - Your work continues to amaze me! Not many photographers are able to capture both boys and girls are perfectly as you do!

Opening Day

“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” ~Jim Bouton, Ball Four, 1970

As most baseball fans know, opening day was this week! No matter what team you root for, the start of the season is always exciting as it brings promise of sunny days, familiar songs (you know you’re singing it), classic snacks, and great games!

The Politi house IS.A.BASEBALL.HOUSE. I played, my husband played, and it’s in the boys’ DNA. All of them love it. Even my three year old carries his glove around everywhere with him and I think I even saw it hidden under his pillow one night, so yes, we even sleep baseball, LOL. My two older sons play on two teams a piece and it’s really all we do from March through July. But please don’t mistake this as complaining. I love it. I love going to the games. I love my baseball mom friends. I love losing my voice from yelling with excitement. From the minute I thought about having children, I knew I would have boys and it couldn’t be a better fit. So, let’s play ball!

I think it’s less than coincidental then, that my MOST requested setup is a baseball setup! I love coming up with a little different twist for each one but in every one, my personal love for the sport rings true too. Enjoy!


{Grow}. I’m beginning to think that this is both my favorite word but also one that carries the weight of a mother’s realization that her children are changing. With growth, brings new fun stages and abilities but also the idea that those precious newborn moments are growing more distant. There is nothing that tugs at my own heartstrings more than reflecting on my own children’s growth. Nothing. I literally breathe them in sometimes, wishing that I could slow the hands of time. But we too, need to realize that there is celebration in growth. It HAS to happen, we WANT it to happen so instead, I am trying to embrace the present, the here and now in which they are shaping their places in this world. They still need me. They still look to me for approval, for hugs, for bandaids and boo-boo kisses, for guidance. I never refuse a tug or a cuddle from my three year old, never get tired of hearing “you’re the best Mommy in the whole world” from my seven year old and never miss my nine year old trying to catch my eye when he scores a basket or gets a base hit.

I didn’t intend for my second blog post to be personal. But it seemed just as natural as say, growth is, to include them in my journey too. After all, they are the biggest part of my own growth. They are my subjects (albeit unwillingly at times), my inspiration, and my motivation. And I need to capture all of that too. In words, but also in photos- for that is how I live through a photograph.




Jenny - Great post, and beautiful pictures! You are truly one of a kind!

Ines - Loved reading this as I sit holding my baby in my arms…just like you said…embracing every moment with him!

New beginnings

It seemed fitting to name my first blog post “New Beginnings.” After all…this is not only my first attempt at blogging on my new website, but it’s also what I like to photograph most – new beginnings…newborns. I haven’t quite met my match for anyone that loves them as much as I do. I often get asked by my clients during the sessions about the evolution of my business. The answer is simple: combine two of the things I love the most – newborns and photography – and you have a special kind of magic.

So, here’s to New Beginnings! I hope you can join me in my journey to capture them for all those new Moms and Dads who used a little bit of magic of their own to create such beautiful babies!

Susan Sibley - Congratulations to one of my very favorite photographers…your work is wonderful and I wish you much continued success as you pursue your passion. Hugs to you.

Jenny - Congratulations on your launch, so excited for you!