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NJ Child Photographer ~Henry~

Honestly, I actually squealed when Henry arrived to my Hunterdon County, NJ studio for his first birthday session. He is DELICIOUS! I just wanted to take a bite out of all his baby rolls but how unprofessional would that be? LOL! Good thing I’ve know mommy for a while and she didn’t mind my serious baby fever!
We kept things simple for the first shot- a throwback to Henry’s newborn photos. Same box, same baby, but just look at how much he’s grown! I absolutely love doing these comparison shots with the same prop. It still amazes me how much they change in the first year! And those toes peeking out over the side?! The BEST!
I also love how we were able to grab shots of his developmental stages – sitting, superman on the belly, clapping, and standing supported. Mobility happens so quickly at this age and it’s fun to look back and see what they were doing when they turned one.
Henry much preferred his portrait shots despite his amazing cake and color scheme, and some of the smiles I was able to capture. I always like to have parents guess at how their child will react to the cake smash and then see what happens. In this case, we were expecting a big smasher but were surprised when he didn’t go for it with gusto! Either way, the photos always tell a story about a moment in time and with that, they become memories, right?

Happy Birthday, Henry! I loved seeing you again. Thanks for letting me squash you up and get my baby fix in- I hope all your wishes come true!



NJ Newborn Photographer ~Avery~

Meet Avery Lynn!

She is a little piece of perfection and the second daughter for this beautiful family. Miss Avery was in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio recently for her newborn session at a sleepy six days old. She gave us so many smiles and is probably in my top five of easiest newborns to pose.
She definitely takes the cake for easiest and quickest froggy (chin in hands pose). What a champ! Grandma mentioned loving this pose and Avery was happy to make her Grandma’s day!

Mommy also challenged me to use the same prop (red crate) for Avery that I used for her sister Savannah’s newborn session a few years ago. Different seasons, same prop. Love how it turned out and I think that by the smile, Avery agrees! Savannah’s photo is the third in the post. Mommy also wanted a photo with one of the same headbands from big sister’s session (tenth photo in the post shows the headband from Savannah’s newborn session). So much fun and such a resemblance to each other, don’t you think?!

I have been able to mention in so many posts recently how very much I appreciate being able to work with returning clients. There is honestly no better compliment. This session, was no exception. I have worked with this family several times and truly enjoy spending time with them. Thank you for trusting me with your most precious gifts. I loved our session!

Hunterdon County, NJ Child Photographer ~Ellie~

Ellie is one!! And she couldn’t be any sweeter!

She was in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio recently for her birthday portraits and although I can’t believe that a year has passed already, it was so amazing to see how much she’s grown. I’ll admit to enjoying photos of her over the last year on FB because her Mommy, like many of my clients, is a FB friend – but getting to see that smile and playfulness in person is the best! It was so much fun to plan her session! I love the backdrop we choose for the portraits and the color scheme for the cake smash, although smashing the cake was not Ellie’s favorite thing LOL!

Erin, thank you for choosing me to photograph these moments for you. I loved our time together in the studio and hope you cherish your photos for years to come!

NJ Newborn Photographer ~Lola~

When one of your besties gets a puppy, you can’t turn down the chance for a photo shoot! Lola was about 9 weeks old when I got to snap all these cute shots and MUCH easier than my own puppy was during his photo shoot several months back. It really IS true what they say about taking photos of your own “children”….

During part of the shoot, she was so sleepy that she basically fell asleep sitting up. It was so adorable! I really can’t choose a favorite but the one of her sitting with her little pink belly showing is definitely up there!

Lola is the third rescue for my friend’s family. They have such big hearts for rescues and for dogs in general. My friend was like a kid at Christmas waiting to go pick up her newest addition. It was so sweet to see her so excited. I have known her family for years now and we have always been able to relate as moms of three children. However Jess, I think this is where we’re different because there’s NO WAY Bailey is getting a buddy! LOL.

Best of luck. She’s a sweetheart! xoxo


Jenny - You can’t beat that! Is there anything you can’t do ?? Adorable X10000

Clinton, NJ Child Photographer ~Oliver~

Oliver is one!
I spent the morning recently in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio reuniting with my little pal Oliver and his parents to photograph him for his milestone birthday. He had the SWEETEST little toothy smile which lit up his whole face especially when he heard his favorite song or when his daddy played with him.
If you’ve followed my work for any length of time, you know how I LOVE when my clients want to use something from heir newborn session to show just how much growth happens in that {fast} first year. Mom and Dad loved the saturated colors in this drop from his newborn session so we used it again today. Look at how little the crate looks now! He is so handsome.

I also REALLY enjoyed styling this cake smash! Mommy mentioned a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme and I was crazy about the colors she chose too! I put together a style board from her pins on Pinterest and we both loved how it came out!
Happy Birthday, Oliver! I was so happy to see you today! Thanks for coming back to me! Hope year TWO is just as much fun!