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Clinton, NJ Newborn Photographer {Kyle}

I’m convinced that most of his nine pounds is cheeks!!

Meet Kyle. He was in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio recently on his mommy’s birthday for his newborn photo session. He was on his best behavior and totally nailed the froggy which mommy really wanted!! No better birthday present than that! Kyle is baby boy number two for this beautiful family of four. I’ve been lucky to photograph both boys as newborns and honestly, aside from a pound or two, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference!  If you follow me on IG, there’s also a little BTS video. You’ll want to eat him up, I promise!

As a NJ newborn photographer and a mom myself, I really enjoy when new moms want to get in the photos with their new babies. It’s not always a time when you feel your best or your prettiest, but if it’s something you’re considering, I strongly urge you to be in front of the lens for this special time. I regret that I don’t have images like these with my own and I’m always so happy to be able to capture this for my clients. Truth be told, it usually makes me feel a bit jealous. And adding dad is a bonus too. I just love how Helen and Paul’s family shots turned out!

Sometimes I can choose a favorite from the gallery. This is not one of those times. I think all of them are so sweet :)

Helen and Paul, thank you for choosing me for these special times in your lives. It’s such a wonderful compliment to have returning clients. You have beautiful boys!!


Kristan - Cheeks for days!!! What beautiful pics! And I love the teddy bear and blues!

I jenkins - So simple & precious! Job well done Stefanie…

Kaitlin - Love the little teddy bear!

NJ Child Photographer {Happy Birthday, Ryan}

What are the things you look for when choosing a photographer?

Some of the answers are obvious: pricing, style, creativity and safety. But I think it’s an important testimonial to a photographer’s credibility to note whether they have repeat clients. It means that the photographer values establishing relationships and connections with their clients. This is at the top of my list. I have been so fortunate to work with so many families as they grow. But I work hard to make that happen. I want my clients to feel important and appreciated and to feel like I’ve handled their session with personalization and attention to detail from start to finish.

This marks the fourth time I’ve worked with the Bitette family and they’ve been with me since almost the very start! Most recently in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio, we photographed Ryan’s mini cake smash and it’s hard to believe that the year has passed so quickly since his newborn session. He had the BEST hair as a newborn and mommy spiked it just the same for his first birthday session. It was adorable. This little man was curious, albeit very attached to his mama! That’s so common for this age as children try their independence but still face separation anxiety. Having them feel comfortable is key so familiar objects, games, songs and even food other than cake, are always good tools. I love how the colors came together and how they mimicked one of the setups from his newborn session. A cake smash session is all about telling a story- and some of these photos are so laughable! My favorite is probably the one where he’s holding up the piece of cake in the air triumphantly or the one at the end when he was just over it! Memories for sure!

Happy Birthday, Ryan! You are loved! On to year TWO!


Kristan - I LOVE these colors together! What a cutie and that last shot says it all!!!

NJ Newborn Photographer {Benjamin}

Meet Benjamin!

Honestly, I could not get over how adorable this little man was (and he sure knows how to make an introduction within the first five minutes of knowing someone – eh-hem, let’s just say I had to change clothes and we had a little laugh over it!). His sister Hannah was also in the studio, loving on her new little brother and being so sweet and cooperative!
Benjamin was sleepy, content, easily posable and just plain old snuggly. And who wouldn’t love that hair?! It even has little red highlights.
It is always so hard to choose a favorite from my sessions and this one is no exception. I love Benjamin in the mint and gray with the arm hanging over the bucket (!), snuggling in the natural bowl setup (who doesn’t love a teddy!) , and on the sweet blue blanket. He was the champ of yawning too and we caught a few adorable ones for the gallery! But if I had to choose, I think it would be the golf ball photo. This little guy has golf in his future if his father playing at the ripe age of three is any indication! I love when props are meaningful to a family and when I was asked to do a golf shot for Benjamin’s session, I wanted to keep it simple and sweet. When I snapped them during his recent session in my Hunterdon, NJ studio, I knew I would love them!
Congratulations to this new family of four. I really loved spending time with all of you in my NJ studio and I’m so happy you were referred to me by another client (thank you, Jess!). Enjoy year one!

Candice Fike - Cutest bAby ever.

Kristan - How precious! I love sibling sessions! Happy Belated Birthday Benjamin and congrats to the beautiful family!

NJ Newborn Photographer {Wesley}

Meet Wesley!

A nine+ pound little butterball that I completely adored working with recently in my Hunterdon County, NJ studio. The squish! And all the cooing! My baby fever was right back to an all-time high. {sigh} To top it off, I just registered MY (last) baby for Kindergarten so I REALLY wanted to put Wesley in my pocket and keep him. Well, not only are my pockets not that big (LOL) but I don‘t think Mom and Dad were letting this little guy out of their sight. I think I’m going to start putting something in the fine print of my contracts……

One of the best parts of being a NJ newborn photographer is capturing a sleepy smile and I was lucky enough to get several from Wesley during his newborn session. When newborns go into a deeper sleep state, they make all kinds of funny faces – waiting for the smile is so much fun! Or…on the flip side, when they’re coming out of the sleep state and decide to do their best rockstar pose, it can be pretty awesome too! LOL.

 Soccer is a strong family interest so a soccer photo was a must! I really enjoy when clients ask to incorporate a special hobby or sport. It makes the photos meaningful and personal. I think this little guy is going to be hitting the field at an early age!

Sue and Matt came to me through a recommendation of an established wedding photographer in town and I am appreciative of  the compliment of the referral. It’s so lovely to enjoy a mutual respect for each other’s work.

 Congratulations on your new family of three! It was such a pleasure to spend the time getting to know you! Posting this gallery put a smile on my face. And let’s not leave out that the baby fever is right back in high gear. Enjoy a wonderful first year with Wesley!


Kristan - What a cutie!!! I love the little grin and stretch!!! It’s tough work being adorable!

Hunterdon County, NJ Child Photographer {Valentina is One}

We had TWO exciting milestones during Valentina’s recent birthday session in my Clinton, NJ studio!!!! First, she officially turned one (Happy Birthday!) and two, she WALKED for the first time!! I think her Mommy and I were squealing at the same time!
A beautiful newborn and an equally as beautiful little girl, I love the way she scrunches up her nose when she smiles and I’m so happy to have been chosen to photograph her again for her special milestone birthday. A returning client is the best compliment! Thank you, Carla.
May all your wishes come true, Valentina! And now, go keep up with those brothers of yours!

A special thank you to again to Abby for the door to door cake service. You take such pride in your creations and this ombre rosette cake is so lovely. I think it’s exceptional that we have worked together to provide this stress-free service to my clients.

Danielle LaBianco - Valentina’s pictures all turned out so nice! I love the new props! And the background is gorgeous! Well done, as always!

Danusia Rampolla - Valentian is such a beautiful girl and your photos are amazing!!!

Carla - Stefanie,
These photos are truly amazing! We had such a fun time taking them. Each and every one of your pictures captures the spirit and beauty of the babies and children you photograph. You are truly a gifted photographer and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with you. The picture you have taken of Valentina are treasures that we will keep in our home to look at over and over again!!!
Thanks so much!!!

Kristan - Oh.em.gee!!! LOVE THE Glitz and glam! She is a gorgeous baby!!! You’re so talented Stef!!!

I jenkins - Absolutely love everything about this session! The baby, the colors, the props…beautiful job!!